IUK Leaders

Meet the team working at the IUK camp this summer!



Leanne has been profoundly deaf since birth, the only one in her family, and communicates in British Sign Language. She was born and bred in Hartlepool, North East of England, and went to a deaf school in Middlesbrough during her primary years before moving onto mainstream school where she achieved good grades in GCSEs. She then progressed into Doncaster College for the Deaf where she completed her NVQ Activity Leadership in Sport. Since then she has worked unpaid with a range of people with disability, locally and internationally, she recently completed three months voluntary work in the Philippines with Voluntary Service Overseas where she worked with underprivileged deaf children. She recently started a new job as a support worker for Action on Hearing Loss.

She has participated at IUK camp in 2007 as a youth visitor which she enjoyed the experience of meeting new people and learning new skills. That's what made her who she is today because she found her identity of being a deaf person despite the fact she's from a hearing world. Almost 10 years on, she found all her experiences very rewarding and decided to apply for the leader role so she could contribute herself to the future campers and ensure they have the best time ever, just as much as she did!

Her motto is - "enjoy every moment!"


Sean Noone is profoundly Deaf and is a fluent British Sign Language (BSL) user. During the daytime, he is a nationally qualified youth worker. He works with a wide range of young people (Deaf and Hearing). He have had a lot of experience working in youth clubs with young offenders.

He is the chairperson for the Birmingham Deaf Community Group (BDCG) where they deliver a wide range of social activities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people across Birmingham. He is also the vice chair of Governors & the chair of curriculum committee for Longwill School for the Deaf Children.

His inspirational quote that he created himself is “Impossible only exists if you don't try hard enough”. He believes that we all can achieve our dreams if we try hard, no matter what.

Sean is also a professional wrestler and have competed around the world such as America, Japan and the Philippines. He can be a cheeky mischievous person but in a nice way. He is looking forward to meet all of you!!!"

Northern Ireland


Hello my name is Julie Loughran and i was born profoundly deaf into a hearing family.

I have worked with children and young people for many years through my volunteering with NDCS, Action Deaf Youth amongst other organisations. I am a trainee teacher teaching sign language and will go on to do a PCGE at Ulster University.

In my free time I like to go travelling, meet new people, shopping, reading to name a few. I am looking forward to working with the team and create a fun atmosphere for all everyone involved, with an aim of newfound friendships, new skills and knowledge and be inspired by others which is essential for our wellbeing as a person.


My name is Toni. I live in Northern Ireland.

I work for the BDA. I look forward to meeting you all.

Republic of Ireland


My name is Alan Smyth and I'm from Dublin.

I come from a Deaf family

I work as a Social Media Officer at Deaf Village Ireland and i also am the Secretary of St Vincent's Deaf football and Dublin Deaf Association.

I used to live in Belfast for five years and i have volunteered for IUK camp, IDYA, NIDYA, and Leinster Deaf Sports,

My Hobbies are Sports, web design, and photoshop.


Hello, My name is Ruth from Monaghan

I'm the administration of Irish Deaf Youth Association and I'm the chief organiser for the IDYA sub-committee Irish Deaf Teens which means I help guide a team of 8 youths between 13-17 to be self-sufficient in running their own events.

I was interested in applying for the role of the IUK leader to encourage youths to be independent,to have lots of laughter and of course have FUN at IUK camp!

I love cooking- I'm a foodie, I love reading books, enjoying the outdoors pastimes e.g. Hiking, walking with my 2 doting dogs, and swimming



Hello! I am Davy, a true and proud Scotsman, born and bred in Glasgow.

Three words to describe me would be down-to-earth, kind and fun!

This would be my third time to lead for Scotland, previously was in England in 2007 then Wales in 2008, and now Northern Ireland here I come! Why did I apply? Working with young people is my passion, having worked for the Glasgow City Council as Playworker for 5 years before I joined university in Greenwich.

I grew up in a hearing world until age of 15 where I discovered the deaf world and found my identity! Hence why I adore the topics of the speakers in IUK Camp, in particular ‘Deaf Gain’ and ‘Deaf Hood’ where I believe that would benefit the campers so much!

I am so looking forward to meet everyone in the IUK Camp and I will make sure the campers will have the time of their life, memories to be made forever!



My name is Jack I have been involved with the smart project, Deffo and a deaf arts festival which all was really good experiences.

I am currently in college doing level 1 ICT and I have also got my level 3 in catering.


Hello! My name is Shauna, I will be a leader in Wales this July. I was born profoundly deaf.

I am a BSL user and attended Royal School for the Deaf in Derby. I will soon be graduating from a BA (hons) Fine Art course at University West of England. I am hoping to do a PGCE course from this September, and would like to become a teacher for the deaf one day.

I am aIso the chair of UK Deaf Student Union (UKDSU). I have previously been a leader at Mablethorpe Deaf Camp, and this is what made me want to become a leader in IUK camp because I really enjoyed being a leader.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the kids in camp who will be full of excitement and energy, and for us all to share our deaf culture. At the end of the week, all the kids will say they don’t want to leave, because they will love IUK camp!