BDAYouth Rep & Safeguarding Officer

Luke Holdsworth

Hey, my name is Luke and I'm from Manchester. I'm 25 year old, and currently studying International Fashion Promotion at Manchester Metropolitan University. I used to work as a Youth Worker and a Teacher's Assistant in Australia. Currently I work as a Intern at University of Manchester and am a Support Worker.
I love to travel and I'm always finding my next country to visit and saving up for it. I love to socialise and spend time with my friends and family, especially with my 2 gorgeous nephews. I can't wait for IUK, this will be my 2nd IUK camp, i was a leader in Dublin in 2011. Its an amazing opportunity for everyone involved and you make lifelong friends. Exciting times!


Liam Power

Hello everyone. My name is Liam Power. I am one of the board members for Irish Deaf Youth Association. I am currently a student at Maynooth University.
I have been to a deaf school for my primary and secondary school education. I have been to IUK camp twice (Northern Ireland and England). The experience i have achieved from these two trips were of great benefit and it is very worthwhile to be at the IUK camp with all new experiences that others can learn.