Our aim

The aim of this event is to inspire and empower the young deaf children in the British and the Irish deaf communities to fulfil their full potential. By developing an understanding of the communities they belong to, which in turn will develop their deaf identity, their rights as a deaf person, which will benefit themselves and the deaf community in the long run.

To achieve this we will be doing outdoors activities, workshops by Deaf role models, games and simply having fun!

The history of IUK Camp

IUK camp is a Deaf led camp for children between the ages of 13 to 17 years old and residing in the 4 parts of the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) as well as Republic of Ireland.

Sean Herlihy created the IUK Camp after a discussion with Tyron Woolfe of Deaf Youth Worker Forum (DYWF).

Sean who identified that the relationship between the neighbouring countries of Ireland and UK could be better and he set out to develop a camp that would foster a relationship between both countries which first was established in 2004. This first camp took place in Ireland in the Summer of 2004 with the goal of campers and leaders from each region of UK and Ireland taking part in the camp. UK and Ireland would eventually take turns yearly to host the camp.

IUK Camp Locations

2004 - Ireland
2005 - Scotland
2006 - Northern Ireland
2007 - England
2008 - Wales
2011 - Ireland

What the previous participants had to say about IUK Camp

"I was inspired by IUK Camp 2008 & 2011. From there I started to want to meet more deaf people from all over the world to experience the different languages and cultures.  Shauna Flannigan who is currently studying at University of the West of England and Chair of UK Deaf Student Union (UKDSU)

"I found my Deaf identify in IUK camp." Malandra Casey who is currently studying at Lancaster and running Mally’s Crafts

"IUK helped me unite my two worlds together, between deaf and hearing, making me a proud hearing deaf girl." Ela Yilmaz who is currently studying at University of Leeds